Project Description


You remember that show Project Greenlight that was on HBO over a decade ago, right? No? Well, it was and now it is back! So what’s Project Greenlight about? This time around the show is focusing on directing. One first-time director (or team of two directors) will be able to complete the entire filmmaking process with industry professionals and potentially release a feature film.

“Project Greenlight is a documentary series on HBO – executive-produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck — that takes a revealing, uncensored look at the challenges facing a first-time director. The show begins with a digital competition, and will follow the winner from pre-production and casting through principal photography and post-production. Equipped with a Hollywood-vetted script and surrounded by a team of industry professionals, the fledging director must learn to cope with pressure from the studio and producers, surviving on-set politics and leading a veteran cast and crew, while trying to deliver a viable movie – on schedule and on budget.”

About our short film – “Epoch”

The first task in this contest was to complete a 1-3 minute short film about anything we wanted. We recently entered (and fortunately won) the 48-Hour Film Project for Salt Lake City, Utah. In that filmmaking contest, the genre we were hoping for was “Time Travel.” We didn’t get that genre, so this was a chance for us to give it a go. There were only four people involved in the making of this short film and it was completed in a very short time: Kasey LaRose (Director/Writer/Editor), Jeff Twede (Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor), Kollin Brinkerhoff (Audio/SFX/Music), and Marcus Moss (Actor). Also, we ended up shooting a couple shots with Jeff’s wife and son.

We shot Epoch in two separate evenings and edited it over the spaced-out course of a few days. We went right down to the wire, as per usual, and got the film submitted with only 5 minutes to spare, which was 4 minutes and 50 seconds more than our last film submission. That shows we are getting better at time management – right? It was a fun and stressful process, which made us realize no matter how much time we’ve got in the beginning, we will probably always wait till the last minute.

Today, we received our email saying that we made it into the Top 200 films.

What’s the Next Step in the Contest

We have to complete a two-minute bio video by Wednesday, September 3rd at 9:00 am. It is going to be tough due to our schedules, but we are going to do our very best and hope to make the Top 20. Wish us luck!