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From Ogden With Love

Spencer Bott
Tyler Cahoon
Kasey LaRose
Ben Taylor

Kasey LaRose


From Ogden With Love

In December 2015 Mandie Barnes had an idea–to provide haircuts, clothing, and other items for the homeless in Ogden. Mandie and friends worked quickly to get everything in order and the event was a success! We were fortunate to be able to create a video for this event that went viral with over 70 million views on YouTube alone. The video inspired hundreds, maybe even thousands of people, many of which took action to create a similar event in their own hometowns. The video was shared by news sources like the Huffington Post, dozens of online sources, local news stations, and even Micki Minaj commented and shared it.

This video coverage was a follow-up to last year’s event, which continues to help those who have little and inspire those who have much to give.

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