Video Production Costs

You are finally ready to make that company brand film, product advertisement, or commercial but have no idea about all the costs involved? That’s okay. You’re not alone.

Whether you’re a newbie to producing video content or you’re looking to up your game with higher quality videos, knowing what to expect with video production costs is essential. CIRCA3 offers a wide range of video production services, but we know your budget is an important driving factor that you need to consider. We’ve broken down the key aspects to expect in any video production cost estimate.

So, How Much Does Video Production Cost?

The cost of any video really depends on the scale of the production. We often get asked the question, “How much for a 2-minute video?” You may be frustrated when we can’t just give you a quote right then and there? Remember, a short 30-second Super Bowl commercial often costs millions of dollars to create. That’s because video production costs vary based on the crew, gear, visual effects (VFX), and more. Any marketing video or feature film can be broken down into the following stages:

  1. Pre-Production
  2. Production
  3. Post-Production


Before you get started producing your video, there are several pre-production costs to consider including scriptwriting, talent, storyboards, shot lists, planning, scheduling, location scouting, gear testing, crew, and more. The more involved pre-production is, the more your video is likely to cost. Don’t let this scare you, though. Careful thought and planning during this phase will ensure a better executed and smoother production.

By the end of pre-production, a budget will be determined and agreed upon, so that there are no surprises down the road.

Video Production Costs CIRCA3

Still image of Mountain Dew commercial with Director, McG and Cinematographer, Shane Hurlbut – Copyright © 2018 Kasey LaRose


As discussed in the pre-production section, this is where we execute all of the careful planning and hard work that went into preparing for the shoot. We know exactly what we need to do and it is amazing to see everything work out just as we had planned. Being on set is truly invigorating and fun when everyone comes together with a common goal to make something incredible.


After the production stage where all of the filming takes place, we move on to post-production. Post-production costs are also very important to consider during the initial planning stages for high-quality videos. Video editing, music, color correction, and motion graphics are essential to most video content. Higher quality videos often include additional skills that will help your video standout by featuring animation, CGI modeling, color grading, sound design, and more.

Video Length

Total runtime of the video is not what dictates the cost of production. It definitely is a major factor, though. If we are shooting a video with a 5-minute target length, how much b-roll is required? If we are shooting interviews, are we using two or more cameras to offer more angles and dynamics during the video editing process? Check out the example below. You’ll notice in our videos where a subject is being interviewed, that we don’t focus on the subject for too long. In order to keep the viewer captivated, we cut to different b-roll shots as the interviewee is talking. This makes your film much more interesting to the viewer and keeps them engaged.


Video production is a team effort and highly collaborative. The number of people you will need on your video production crew will also impact cost. The more crew members needed to pull off an amazing shot, the more you can expect your video production costs to increase. You will often see larger crews on big commercial projects. This is so the production can move quicker. Each crew member has a specific skill and job that allows them to quickly setup shots and make adjustments as necessary to help capture exactly what is needed.  If you are doing a very FX heavy production or commercial, more crew may be required. For most corporate videos, a small crew of 3-4 people is often all that is needed.

Travel and Equipment

When determining the production costs of a video, it’s important to decide whether we need to shoot in a studio or on location? Shooting in a studio environment will provide more control for lighting and sound. Shooting on location will involve additional expenses for travel and equipment, while also making the production more susceptible to weather and outside factors. Different productions call for different locations, so one is not necessarily better than the other. Together, we will explore options and decide what is best for the video and the target audience.

Take Your Video to the Next Level

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