Video Production Services

Video production is an essential part of the marketing and communication strategy for a business, but great videos don’t just happen. Marketing videos that support ad campaigns, raise brand awareness and generate excitement, take creativity, skill, and experience to produce.

At CIRCA3, we understand the power of video. More than that, we have what it takes to produce professional, engaging results that reflect the care and attention to quality that you bring to your business.

CIRCA3 provides video production services from initial concept creation to post-production finesse. We’re ready and able to assist at any stage of your video, whether you need a little help lifting the concept off the ground, studio space, or full-scale shooting and post-production services.

Video Production Services CIRCA3


Planning is the key to any successful enterprise and video production is no exception. This is when the groundwork is prepared for the video so that the entire production can be executed smoothly.

During pre-production, we scout locations, assemble crew and cast, set up interviews, and assess equipment and technical requirements. Ideas are reviewed and refined into scripts, and a story structure prepared for each scene that lists the necessary shots that need to be perfectly captured to fully realize the collective vision for the video.

Our thorough approach at the pre-production stage prepares the project for any contingencies while filming.

Video Production

Lights, camera, action — this is where the rubber hits the road. You can count on our seasoned crew to fire on all cylinders, as we bring the story to life. Our professional video equipment allows us to shoot any time of the day under any conditions, while our dedicated crew is ready to mobilize for the scale of the production, whether it’s an intimate shoot that can be accomplished with a small crew, a scene that requires multiple-camera set-ups, or a complex production that calls for support teams.

We run a safe, efficient operation, enabled through our comprehensive pre-production process, great communication between team members, and a thorough understanding of who does what. We are also fully insured.

Video Production Services Utah


During Post-production, our creative professionals take the reins to shape the video to its final form, applying skills in video editing, sound mixing, color grading, and animation, to polish the visuals and graphics into a finely crafted video.

With the help of advanced software and technical know-how, the final product is ready to be launched on a variety of platforms, bringing your message to the world, just as we set out to do.

Check out our extensive video production list of successful projects executed by CIRCA3 in Utah and all over the world. When clients need a versatile, creative approach to video production, CIRCA3 delivers on-time and on budget!